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Our vision

The vision for our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P. is to enhance its position as a company which constitutes:

  • a centre of expertise
  • entrepreneurial ingenuity
  • high quality services
  • innovative thinking
  • human resources development
  • social responsibility

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Areas of Activity

Road construction
Our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P constructs a significant number of motorways in Greece and abroad, using the most modern methods, focusing on the durability and functionality of the projects.
Building materials
Our company has executed numerous modern building projects with innovative design, high aesthetics and functionality.
Hydraulic projects
With its know-how and experience, our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P consistently implements water supply, irrigation, drainage and storm water hydraulic projects.
Harbour and sea works
Our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P guarantees the timely completion of complex harbour and sea works with high quality, durability, safety, preserving the marine environment.
Electromechanical engineering projects
The specialized technical staff of our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P undertakes the execution of any kind of Electromechanical Engineering projects, offering customers innovative systems and maintenance services after the completion of the project.
Industrial - Energy Projects - Renewable Energy Sources
Our company L. KENTEPOZIDIS & CO G.P undertakes the engineering, construction and maintenance of industrial projects in a wide range of industries, while implementing innovative energy projects with flexibility according to the operational needs of each company.